Creative Concepts

You’ve created your brand and developed the Marketing & Communication Tools, so now you need to get your message out there – but what do you say? And what do your messages look like?

Following the development of a thorough Brand Strategy, any Creative Concepts need to convey the Brand Essence & Core Messages within it, with the intention of reflecting the brand culture appropriately to attract and connect with potential target markets.

This process may involve the review of your positioning statement, and other key tactical elements, to create an advertising campaign that resonates and attracts the right kind of audience and shows how your product or service will be positioned in relation to your competitors.

In time, these creative inputs may be used to produce creative guidelines for the brand which can play a vital guide in maintaining synergy in all future marketing communications.

While we prefer working with a client from the ground up, putting in place all the building blocks to create a strong brand and developing a creative advertising campaign from start to finish, we can also take an existing brand and breathe new life into it.

As an example; a small business may have an attractive logo and a unique product offering – but they could struggle to explain their point of difference to the market. With minimal work on the Branding, we can add consistency to all communication and a distinctive ‘look’ to effectively deliver the brand’s message.

For larger businesses, we can develop a Creative Campaign to reflect their current brand but communicate in a fresh new way using new visuals and key messages that align with the brand’s integrity, brand essence, core target markets and, most importantly, cut through the competitors.

So whether you are a well-travelled existing brand, or if this is your first journey into the advertising landscape, we can help tell your story to the world.